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Membership Dues

When you register for Monthly, Quarterly or Annual membership (Matrimony Function Page/ Business function Page ), You agree to pay membership dues on time before the due date every month for monthly renewal (or every 3 months for quarterly renewal and every year for annual renewal) as agreed by you during registration. We will notify you if sufficient funds are not available to complete withdrawal of monthly or quarterly or annual subscription fees and may suspend or cancel your membership.

Note: In Matrimony or others functions we are not responsible for the further frauds.

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your membership at any time. In order to so, you need to notify the administrator of the “Maitreyya” mobile Application or directly cancelled, No refund will be given once funds have been withdrawn from your account.

Content & Source of Materials

In the media age there are various sources to collect the essential information & following are our sources:

  1. News Channels : 3 WAYS media
  2. Circulated Pamphlets or advertisements
  3. Visited Personally in Buddha Vihars & organisation
  4. Emails sent by well wishers
  5. Feedbacks and suggestions received from people
  6. People who shared with us the source materials they have/had

The availability of information is for social cause, for the betterment of the society. It does not mean that it’s a lagging of awareness of privacy. Also the contact persons and/or contact numbers and/or contact emails are just for getting started interaction/communication. They might not be a part of that organization or Buddhavihar but might knew the nearby/exact location of the organization or Buddhavihar so that other people can easily reach their to meet more and more people, they might already visited to the said place, they might had been in contact with concern person/s of the said organizations or Buddhavihar. It means actual authorized person/s or committee may be different.

Your conduct

By using this “ Maitreyya ” mobile Application or any service provided, you explicitly agree that: You will not provide any content or conduct yourself in any way that may be construed as: illegal; threatening; abusive; stalking; defamatory; objectionable; pornographic; designed to interfere with or disrupt operation of this “ Maitreyya ” mobile Application; infecting with a virus or other destructive programming routine; in violation of an applicable local, national or international law; You will not collect or harvest any information about other users and will not provide or promote any content or service in any commercial manner or in any manner that would involve or any other form of unauthorized advertising without the “ Maitreyya ” mobile Application's prior written consent; You acknowledge and agree that the “ Maitreyya ” mobile Application will have the right to refuse to publish or to remove and block access to any content you provide, at any time and for any reason, with or without notice.